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Tamara Jones
Portland, Maine

Artist Statement: As a plein air artist, creating art outside on location awakens my inner spirit. I paint very viscerally, letting each experienced moment speak through the artwork. I see my art as a record of joy. I use bold and luscious colors with high contrast to create strong dynamic compositions to resonate with the viewer. If I can capture a small part of the energy I experience on site into the artwork, then it is a success. Artist Bio: Tamara is a Maine artist who grew up in a rural town outside of Bangor. She studied Studio Art and Painting at the University of Maine in Orono, and through the Maine College of Art. Tamara has spent her entire life steeped in Maine’s natural abundance and beauty. Primarily as a plein air artist, she hopes to recreate a connection of energy and place with the viewer. Tamara lives and works in Portland, Maine.

Calm Inlet at Cushman Preserve
Evening at Cozy Harbor