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Toby Gordon
Kittery Point, Maine

Painting, for me, is all about connection—to a chosen landscape, to the painting process, to myself, and ultimately to the viewer. Though observation plays a fundamental role in my work, I’m less concerned with accurate representation than with the feel of being in a particular place at a particular time—the light, the air, the warmth, the cold. Whether painting en plein air or in my studio, my process involves a wordless interplay between the felt landscape and the materials. One mark leads to the next, and the action is set into motion. I paint, scrape, and layer until the painting finally reveals itself, and the end result is always a surprise. I have studied with painters throughout the Northeast, including Stuart Shils, Chris Liberti, and Tom Glover, among many others. My work has been widely exhibited, including at the George Marshall Store Gallery, the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery, the Portland Art Gallery, the Portsmouth Historical Society, and the Maine Jewish Museum.