Frequently asked questions about the Yarmouth Art Festival

For buyers: 

Q: Can I purchase a piece before the show opens?
A: No. Sales begin when the show opens, at 10am Oct.19. However, we do not prohibit artists from selling a piece on their own before the show. In that case, we will mark the piece “sold” and edit the description to include a note saying the artist sold the piece before the show opened.

Q:  If I purchase a piece via the online catalog, but I don’t like it when I see it in person, can I cancel my purchase? 
A: All sales are final. We recognize this policy may discourage some sales, but it would not be fair to all buyers if a piece is, in essence, “held for approval” until the end of the show. If you have any questions about a piece of art, we encourage you to contact the artist directly to discuss or ask for additional images.

Q: Is all the artwork framed?  What if a piece says it is framed, but the photo doesn’t show the frame?
A: Artists are asked to specify in the description if a piece is framed, and what the framed dimensions are. Some artists include the frame in their online image, and some don’t.  If you have any questions, we strongly encourage you to contact the artist before purchasing; to get contact info, simply click on the artist’s name, which links to their info page including email address.

Q: What kinds of payment do you accept?
A: For this year’s online-only sale, we accept only major credit cards.

Q: When can I pick up my purchase?
A:  After making your purchase, you will receive an email about no-contact pickup in Yarmouth. Buyers can pick up their purchased artwork by appointment on Nov. 5,6 or 7, at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, 396 Gilman Rd, Yarmouth.  No contact procedures (Covid safety protocol) will be in effect.  Buyers will be called or emailed by Oct 31 to set an appointment.

Q: I live out of state. Is shipping available?  
A: In some cases, artists are willing to arrange packing and shipping. This will be indicated in the description of the artwork saying “Shipping Available.”  Shipping (and packing and handling) charges are not included in the purchase price. If you are interested in making a purchase that will involve shipping, we encourage you to contact the artist and discuss arrangements before making the purchase. Individual artists’ email addresses are displayed on the site with their other information.

Q: If I purchase a piece from an artist who lives near me, can we make our own arrangements for delivery?  A: Certainly. That may make more sense than you each driving to Yarmouth. Simply contact the artist and work out an arrangement that works for you both. Click on the artist’s name on the artwork to see their info and email address.

For artists:

Q:  How will I be notified if a piece is sold? And then how to I get it to the buyer?  A: If a piece is sold, we will notify you by email, and make an appointment for you to deliver it to Yarmouth. We then will contact the buyer to make an appointment for pickup. (All these steps will adhere to Covid precautions). If you and the buyer live near each other, you are free to make your own delivery arrangements rather than use this procedure.

Q: I have specified “Shipping Available” on my artwork. What are my responsibilities? A:  You and the buyer will work out all arrangements, including the type of shipping, any insurance and packing  criteria, and how you will receive payment for the shipping. Yarmouth Art Festival is not responsible for any aspect of shipping, including payment.

Q: When can I expect payment for a sale?  A: We send checks within 30 days after the end of the show; this year, our deadline for sending checks is Nov. 30. An  exception would be if there is a delay in delivering a purchase. In that case, payment will be made after we confirm that the artwork has been delivered.

Q: What is a “juried show”?  A: Unlike an open show, where any artist can exhibit any works, in a juried show, artists submit pieces for consideration, and the jury selects pieces for the show.

Q: What are the criteria for jurying?  A: Jurors are primarily selecting artwork based on the quality of each piece.  Secondary considerations include the overall mix of subject matter, media, prices and sizes in the show. Jurors gather as a group and strive for consensus on the selected pieces. (For 2020, they will be doing this virtually)

Q: Who decides the prices of artwork? A: Each artist decides the price as part of the submission process.

Q: Do I need to have a professional photographer make the digital image of my artwork entry?
 No, but it is very important that the digital image captures the quality of your artwork. Most images submitted to the show are taken by the artists themselves and usually work very well for the jurors. Occasionally, the jurors have been frustrated that they had to pass over artworks because of a poor digital image, when a good image might have made the difference. Be sure the image is sharp, not tilted or angled, and well lit. Make a number of images and select the one that best represents your artwork.

Q:  Are there any criteria for the file size of the submitted digital image, or pixels or resolution? 
A: Our online submission system resizes images so they fit on the screen, so no worries about resolution or pixels. And the system can handle pretty large files, although again, it will resize the file appropriately for display. However, a massive file may take you a long time to upload, so if you’re able, it may be wise to resample your image to 10mb or smaller.

Q:  Will my chances for selection increase if I enter the maximum 10 pieces?  A. Not necessarily. The jurors are primarily choosing based on quality. However, they are also seeking a diversity of styles, media, genre, subject matter, size and price. In other words, once they have selected a pool of works based on quality, they may winnow the number further with those other criteria.

Q: Do I need to make up a label with the info about the painting such as title, dimensions, medium, price?  A:  No, we create those labels from the information you submit when entering.

Q: I’ll be away during the artwork delivery time. What should I do?
A: This is not unusual, and artists in this situation typically have been able to enlist a friend or fellow artist to help. (There are NO OTHER TIMES when artwork can be dropped off)

Q: I entered last year. Should I log in with the same account info? 
A: No, you’ll need to create a new account. The system is cleared of all entries and accounts from the prior year.  Click on “Enter Artwork” to create a new account and enter artwork.

Q: Help! One of my artwork images is appearing upside down! I’ve tried flipping and re-uploading but it’s still upside-down.
A: Unfortunately, we’ve seen rare occasions where this happens. Email us at info@yarmouthartfestival.com and we can fix it on our end.

Q: Help! I’m trying to use my iPhone/iPad/tablet to enter, and it’s not working! 
A: Unfortunately, we’ve seen rare occasions where this happens. If you run into this issue, the only solution is to use a computer instead.

Q: The rules say artwork must be “ready to hang.” Does that mean it has to be framed? If I bring my artwork and it doesn’t have hanging wire or hook attached, what happens?  
A:  The “ready to hang” rules apply to the in-person show, not happening in 2020. In  other years, the following advice applies: Artwork must be ready to hang, with an attached wire or bracket. Pieces do not need to be framed, however. For example, a canvas stretched on a wooden frame can have hanging wire attached.  If your artwork is not ready to hang when you deliver it, you will need to fix it and return. Hanging supplies are not available at the venue.

Q: I submitted 4 entries, but when the Show Catalog appeared after jurying, only one showed up as my entry. Does that means only that one was selected for the show? 
A:  That’s correct. The “Show Catalog” is the official (and only) notification of which pieces have been juried into the show.

Q: I tried logging in (after the entries closed) and it wouldn’t let me log in, Why not?
A: The log-in function is only used during the entry process, when artists can enter and edit their submissions. After entries close, the log-in system is shut off and accounts are closed.